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  • New RBD Series. Recom.

    New RBD Series. Recom

    September, 2012

    The new RBD-12 series supplies LEDs from 3 to 20 watts with input voltages from 8 to 36V providing constant currents of ...

  • Asic led driver. Star Chips.

    Asic led driver. Star Chips.

    June, 2011

    Taken LED constant current driver ICs as our business focus, SCT has developed a series of ASICs and...

  • Power Supply. Arch Electronics.

    Power Supply. Arch Electronics.

    June, 2011

    ARCH is professional Taiwan base power supply manufacturer, with switching power supplies and...

  • New Led Driver. Recom

    New Led Driver. Recom

    Wednesday, 18 May, 2011

    The new RACD03- and RACD06-families are low power LED-drivers with constant current supply. With...

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