About us?

Distribution and wholesale of electronic components

Our Company

Founded in 1986, Electronica MELGUI, S.L. is a Spanish company, specialized in the Distribution and Marketing of electronic components in professional sectors of Industry and Telecommunications.

Our field of activity includes a wide spectrum within the key sectors of professional electronics.

The effort, seriousness and enthusiasm of its founders and collaborators have led our company to achieve a solid position in the market. Our growth and development has always had as a guideline, that each step be taken firmly. With this base, we have been growing.

Our history


Throughout the years


Company foundation

Entrepreneur Miguel Angel Martínez founded Electronica Melgui, a company dedicated to the distribution and marketing of electronic components.


Agreement with CHEQUERS


Agreement with DIPTRONICS

Manufacturer of electronic components based on ceramic technology. Oscillators, Quartz crystals, SAW filters, Ceramic inductors.

Manufacturer of a wide range of products for low power switching and interruption. Tactile, rotary, sliding, dip switch microswitches.


Agreement with VOGT

Melgui signs an official distribution agreement with the Swiss company, key in the connection technique worldwide.


Agreement with SIBA

Signing of a distribution agreement with the German company Siba. Experts in fuse manufacturing. Slow, medium, fast, ultra-fast. Different packages and formats, low, medium and high power.


Agreement with SH SALECOM

Creation of the commercial distribution agreement, manufacturer specialized in the production of all types of switches, pushbuttons and switches.


ISO certification

ISO9001:2015 certification is obtained, being pioneers in our distribution sector.


Agreement with RECOM

The distribution and marketing agreement is signed with the German company, a manufacturer with a worldwide reputation in the converter sector.


Agreement with Paralight

Paralight signs a distribution agreement, manufacturer of a wide range of LED products. Entering the world of lighting.


Matelec Fair

International exhibition for the electrical and electronic industry. Representing your distributed manufacturers.


Agreement with RHT

Distribution agreement with the Asian manufacturer RHTECP, specialized in the connection sector.


Agreement with Kingtronics

Signature of Representation agreement with the company. Specialist in passive components (Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (Snap-in, Screw, Lug and SMD, Radial Type) and other capacitors. And active components such as Diodes and Transistors and Bridge Rectifiers.

 Our Philosophy

We seek to offer solutions adapted to the needs of our clients


Dynamism in solving our clients’ problems, maintaining our commitment to quality, both in product and service.


Provide our customers with the best service in terms of locating supplies of electronic components, helping to improve their profitability.


Commitment and responsibility to our clients, both in the services we provide with total involvement, and in the personalized treatment.