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Chequers-electronic develops and manufactures electronic components based on ceramic technology. Oscillators, Quartz crystals, SAW filters, Ceramic inductors

    Established in 1988, Chequers Electronic (China) Limited has been developing various frequency control components based on its advanced ceramic technology. 

    From the precise control of this advanced ceramic technology, they are able to manipulate different environmental factors, such as trigger temperature, to transform these «wonderful» ceramic materials into more than a hundred different types of frequency control components. 

    To effectively utilize and enhance its advanced ceramic technology, Chequers has invested a great deal of resources not only in developing an innovative use of existing ceramic materials, but also new quality ceramic materials to meet the growing demand for the development of next-generation frequency control components. 

    With its newly developed and quality frequency control components, it aims to achieve the goal of making people live in a more comfortable world with a better quality of life by contributing to the development of next-generation quality components. 

    Cristal Oscilator


    Quartz Crystal Filters

    Quartz Crystal Units

    SMD Type

    Quartz Crystal Units

    Thru-hole type



    ISO 9001 – TS16949

    Remote Control, Automation, Telecommunications, Industry, Consumers