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Paralight , company with a wide range of LED products. Conventional, SMD, displays, back light, signage, etc. Entering the world of enlightenment; LED lamps, led tubes, indoor, outdoor 

    Founded in 1987, with more than three decades of continuous product innovation and technological development. 

    PARA LIGHT is currently the world market leader for optoelectronic components and lighting solutions and is ISO14001 and IATF16949 certified. 

    Its product line includes plug-in LED (Lamp), seven-segment LED display (Display), dot matrix display (Dot Matrix), LED light bar, LCD backlight, SMD LED and lighting solutions, light module applications, car detection and lighting components, it has not only earned the trust of its customers, it has also created a huge volume of business. 


    Automotive Led

    Display Led

    SMT Display

    PLCC Led

    Infrared-IRM-Optical Switch



    ISO 9001 – ISO 14001

    Medicine, Industry, Telecommunications